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You can easily make your Touchless Gesture Control interface that's capable of reliably providing 3-dimensional co-ordinates (X, Y, and Z axes).

3D-Pad is a simple, experimental device, designed in collaboration with the Elektor Labs team.

We designed it in the form of an Arduino shield - open source & open hard ware project

Ootsidebox Tablet case

3D sensors inside

Jean Noël Lefebvre, the inventor of the OOTSIDEBOX touchless technology, presents and explains his revolutionary interface at Elektor Labs.
OOTSIDEBOX allows you to add touchless technology to any existing tablet or phone

Projected capacity is the primary principle behind his Atmel-powered Ootsidebox, with an electric field projected in front of the existing touch surface affected by movements of the hand. Simply put, it is possible to calculate 3D coordinates and recognize certain gestures by measuring the perturbations of an oscillator caused by the movement of the user’s fingers (or an object) at several centimeters from the control surface.

3D interaction with your tablet

3D sensors inside

The 3Dpad is a system allowing you to interact with your device without touching your screen !

Applications : robotics, gaming, artistic expression, healthcare, household appliance control ...


3D-Pad: Touchless - Gesture control in the form of an Arduino shield

Arduino shield for controlling something without touching the controller. Great for Touchless Gesture User Interface experiments, artistic expression and game controllers.

Open Source Open Hardware (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) project based on work by Jean Noël Lefebvre (@junowhynot)
Based on capacitive sensing techniques. Does not use special parts, just a bunch of CMOS chips connected to an ATmega328 in the form of an Arduino Uno board.