3D gestural interaction

A new emotional experience

Cooking, playing music, drawing and having fun,
a nice bunch of apps and games available.
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Discover it

Ready to make your tablet touchless

Ootsidebox is a breakthrough touchless technology that fits in just a case.

It's especially designed for your 7 inches Android tablet.

Just plug it in and you're ready to go.
Ootsidebox Tablet case

Incredible technology inside

3D sensors inside

The ootsidebox case is fully loaded with 3D sensor electrodes.

They enable touchless and 3D gestural interactions with your device.

Your Ootsidebox case can see your fingers wherever they are and feel them even if they don't touch the screen.

Control it but don't touch it !

With the ootsidebox case, you can use your favorite apps and games in an incredible new way.

The case can sense where your fingers are in space and how far they are from the screen.

Touchless has never been so natural !
3D interaction with your tablet

Play with it

3D sensors inside
The Ootsidebox case comes with a built-in joystick including both action and mode buttons and a rumble motor for those who like to feel the action.

Even better for gamers !

And with its infrared LED transmitter, let the Ootsidebox case control all your electronics remotely.

When people look at demos of touchless and gesturing interaction, they always feel a wow effect.
But once this is done, they ask the right and big question:
Okay, this is cool, but for what purpose? Having fun! is our answer 
The good news is that a nice bunch of games and apps will be available to play on the OOTSIDEBOX platform. 
Air swipes and Floating touch augments the fun, also it makes you discover a new sense of the game

We target a professional-quality musical instrument, with some real benefits compared to existing devices:

Allow the player to coax polyphonic sounds.
Output in both analog and MIDI protocol.
Graphical User Interface for the control pannel and the visual feedback in real time.
Unbeatable price/performance ratio.

High-tech kitchen: the Qooq cooking-focused tablet will soon become a touchless app 

Few month ago, I discovered the pleasure to cook with the help of my QOOQ cooking-focused tablet.
But when using it, I always regret to put my fingers on the touchscreen to turn the pages of the recipe.
Indeed my hands are often covered of dough or of fat content.
Good news: this drawback is now solved thanks to OOTSIDEBOX with QOOQ app running on it!
We have just now concluded an agreement with UNOWHY for this project.